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Hi! Guten Tag! Bonjour! Aloha! Hola! Enough of that =D. Okay, so this is my first entry and stuff so let's give this a shot. Eh? So, I've been like über sick lately. Blah.Sore throat, headache, earache. Gross stuff. Yeea, sooo I skipped school monday, tuesday, and maybe tomorrow (wednesday for those keeping track). So, I'm taking medicine thanks to my doctor (that I saw monday after school (my dad needed to get back even though my mom got a new car!)). But I really don't like the medicine cause it tastes funny and the ear drops, well, ear drops feel funny. Trust me. I've been sitting on my computer for like, ever the past few days. and I watched this movie when I stayed home, Ice Spiders. It's from the makers of Eight Legged Freaks It was okay. It kept me unbored, but after seeing Eight Legged Freaks, It was kind of the same. But WHATEVER! :D

I am partically famous! (I know two people in an upcoming movie, Josh & Rich), so I'm famous! (Not really but don't burst my bubble, thanks). BUT! Since I had nothing to do today, I was on youtube most the day. I just had an idea, If I stay home tomorrow, I'm watching Skins or Torchwood. Bam. My mom is normally nice/okay/convincing when I ask to stay home. Plus, this is a real sickness =o. AND I have Math and Gym (even if i get like all free days in gym). Same difference. WOW! I realize now I ramble about nothing, but that's the point of this? I think not so. Uhmmm OH! Right, so on youtube I've watched tons of Typography videos, which are amazing, I wish I could make them, I've seen compilation
videos of 3D chalk art and I started watching Brotherhood 2.0 I have gotten to June of 2oo7 (the 20th. since i have to get off even though i'm sick, being on the computer DOES NOT EFFECT IT!). I think! Me and cristiline should totally do this! (When you read this maybe we can start that 'email' that we send back and forth as Germany and Italy instead =o. (Dibs on Germany)) But! Me and my friend Stephanie (who doesn't have LJ) are reading books together! We have currently both read Choke and Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk 'together'. We actually read them separately, traded, and discussed it. We are now both working on Invisible Monsters, Diary, and Snuff also by Chuck Palahniuk and The Catcher In The Rye by J. D. Salinger If you haven't noticed, I think parenthesis are awesome. Hehe. And I also watched the new Hetalia video with my brother, France, is a creeper, along with Russia. BUT EVERYONE KNEW THAT! I feel like I'm gonna say something else but I can't remember.. (So If I can edit this, I will).

Well, I've been watching like videos for the past two hours and I think we should totally do something like this. Challenges, Penalties, Punishments, Projects. Ya know! :D Well, we already passed out peeps. WIN! We should do more to decrease suck levels around the world, and we need to have a peep-eating-contest (even though soon I have a rootbeer chugging contest in german club funfun).
OH! Becoming a nerdfighter!? cristiline, Have you figured out what kind of nerd fighter you are and make a song? I haven't, this weekends project? Let's talk.

EDIT: i've seen the first FOUR torchwood episodes, signed up on and posted in a thread for Doctor Who Nerdfighters, WOO!

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Have you figured out what kind of nerd fighter you are and make a song?
N-no. I'm just... a general nerdfighter. My interests vary! And I can't write songs. T_T

Haha. Well do you want to do the nerfighters thing? (or the hetalia thing)

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